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Destin Beach Florida Family Beach Portrait Photographer

30-A Photographers Cover all of the following Destin Florida locations.

30-A Photographers can produce beautiful Destin Beach Portraits. Professional Photographer of America Member Stacey Green will capture your Destin Beach Portrait for all time on the beaches of the World's Luckiest Fishing Village.

Whether vacationing with family or just escaping with the one you love, Destin has lots to offer.You can choose from several fine dining restaurants as well as an active night club scene, top-notch Destin Beach condos or a variety of beach house rentals. Destin is a place where you can slow down and savor your loved ones. Perfect Destin Beach Portraits requires planning, and understanding the beach environment. Our Photographers pose our clients to look their best. They pay attention to the little details. Your Destin Beach Portrait photographic experience is dealing with the ever-changing lighting and wind encountered on our sugar white beaches in the sunshine. Our photographers take a team approach using a seasoned working expert eye in placing our clients so they look their best. We work as a team on your Destin florida beach portrait session with one photographer working with the clients to make sure they look their absolute best. Our photographers work with your hair working with the wind, giving advice on how to deal with the sun to reduce squinting, and posed for the best results. It leaves the photographer free to concentrate on catching the perfect beach picture. We work hard to capture your special moments often taking 200 photographs or more to capture those perfect 75 you will receive in your beach portrait package. We capture your beach portraits using state of the art Canon digital 5D Mark II cameras,Canon L series lenses, and Canon 580 II flashes. Shooting digital allows us to take hundreds of shots each session to get those perfect portraits. Your photographs are then displayed online so they may be shared with your friends and relatives.  We keep your portraits online for 30 days. We keep your images on file for two years and present them in both color and black and white, Hand tinted and sepia tone.  We also prepare a professionaly published memory book with a unique custom designed cover  that becomes a treasured keepsake documenting yourDestin Beach vacation along the Gulf Coast.

Destin Beach Portrait

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Destin Family Beach Portrait Photographer Photography Tips

Our florida photographers like to play around and constantly explore Photoshop with its bells and whistles. However the more time they spend on the computer, the less they have for enjoying florida portrait photography. So they get it right in the camera.



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Destin Area Beaches Photographers Locations

   Destin Florida is home to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches and photography locations. The crystal clear water and the sugar white sand beaches have given the Emerald Coast area a reputation as one of America's premier Beach Photographers portrait destinations.

The beautiful waters of the Emerald Coast beaches provide sunbathers, snorkelers and fisherman with a paradise beyond words for beach portraits. Fishing off of the beach and jetties yields great catches of fish while snorkeling in the same locations yields views of beautiful tropical fish and great shell collecting and beach portrait photographers locations.

   The Emerald Coasts beaches are a place of sheer enjoyment and indulgence for people of all ages for beach portrait photography.

How to Have a Great Destin Beach Portrait Photoshoot

Choose a Nice clean beach, if you have one, to use as a background. Or, try a sea oat covered sand dune. If you want to do it in the grass, pick a spot that has good lighting. Think of what you want to wear in your Destin Beach Portrait Photoshoot, bright color will really look good, as long as its solid, because patterns look funny in pictures. Shoot outside and find a place with no distractions or clutter. Get a few props, like maybe a sand pale or some sea shells. Whatever you want! Pick out a few of your favourite outfits. Make sure they look good on you, and flatter your shape and color. Choose a good photographer with a good Camera. Get a good photographer with a pro grade camera. A digital camera is best, not a disposable one. Use soft natural lighting if you can. Make sure your Destin Beach Portrait Photoshoot is in the late afternoon or in the early morning. If not, position yourself so there are no harsh lights or shadows on your face. Practice in the mirror before your beach portrait session. Try different facial expressions that look good on you. Try something different than a smile, but those are always pretty. Make sure you move slowly if you move, no jerking head or movements. Smile while bringing. When the picture is taken, your mouth should be in a full smile. Relax your eyes for the photo and feel relaxed. This may not work for all, so experiment when finding your beach portrait photo taking style.

The most important thing to remember about your Beach Portrait session. •Make sure you have a good Destin photographer, so they can take great photos of you and you don't waste your money. •If you do wear make up, make sure it looks good even if you have someone else do it. Do not wear high SPF rated foundation it will reflect a photographers flash and wash you out. •Be loose, be comfortable. •Be yourself and enjoy yourself!