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Whether vacationing with family or just escaping with the one you love, Pensacola Beach has lots to offer.You can choose from several beach bars and restaurants, top-notch Pensacola Beach condos or a variety of beach house rentals. Pensacola Beach is a place where you can slow down, let loose, rediscover yourself and savor your loved ones.

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Pensacola Beach is an unincorporated community located on Santa Rosa Island, a barrier island, in Escambia County, Florida. It is situated south of Pensacola (and Gulf Breeze connected via bridges spanning to the Fairpoint Peninsula and then to the island) in the Gulf of Mexico.

How to Pick the Best Pensacola Beach Portrait Location

If you are familiar with your Pensacola Beach Florida shooting location, this is an advantage. Pre-planning will help keep you on-track for a successful shoot. Always visit the shooting location before the beach portrait session shoot. When you walk the beach, look for several key things: A beautiful backdrop. What the angle of the sun will be to your subjects and buildings blocking your sunset. Will there be crowds of people and beach chairs? Will your subjects be able to walk to the location? Bad ankles and knees happen!

Finding a beautiful Pensacola beach backdrop is usually the easiest part. You want to pay attention to the small details, however. Are there any trash cans, beach chairs, buildings, cars, or other unsightly objects in your background. Once you’ve picked your location, you must decide whether it will be a morning, or evening, shoot. This can also affect background clutter. Try to plan a time when people are leaving the beach.

You don’t want the sun rising, or setting, directly into the face of your beach portrait clients, nor is it generally acceptable to place the sun directly behind them unless your experienced on how to shoot into the sun using a good sun shade.

If you expect crowds to be on the beaches, is there a spot nearby that may be less crowded? You don’t want to pick a location that requires a mile long walk if elderly grandparents are part of the group or that makes your beach portrait clients break a sweat in the Humid Florida summer climate.

Pensacola Beach Portrait Photography And The Bright Florida Sun

One of the most common mistakes by beach portrait photographers is to place their subjects looking directly into the sun. There are times where these setups can work. But you should work those shots into your bigger session. Usually you want some type of sidelight from the sun during your Pensacola beach portrait photography session. This will use the sun to your advantage without making your subjects squint.

If you have no external flash, keep the sun to the side of your beach portrait clients, but try to the also light the front half of their face. This will provide a portrait lighting scenario of sidelight to called Rembrandt. If you DO have an external flash, you can experiment with putting the sun to the side, but behind your beach portrait clients. This will provide halo lighting, and your flash becomes the main light. Be aware that most built-in flash units will not be powerful enough to balance your exposure to the sun: especially in a complete back lit situation. A big Speedlite is my recommendation.

Best Time of the Day to Shoot Your Pensacola Beach Portraits

Plan on a shooting a sunrise, or sunset, beach portrait shoot. If your chosen day ends up being overcast this opens you up to shooting when the sun is higher in the sky. But the overcast scenario is not always preferable as it can make your photographs low in contrast if your photographer isn’t experienced and setup for it with an external flash.

In the morning, the best time to start your shoot is about five minutes before sunrise. This is Chicken Time! Its early unless you have small children and are use to it, most people on vacation wont get up this early.

Everyone has to arrive early so that you’re on the beach and ready to shoot when the sun breaches the Pensacola beach horizon. Once the sun is up, you’ll have 35- 45 minutes before it will become too bright and your beach portrait clients. In the evening, you will want to start approximately one hour before sunset. This will give your portraits that warm glow of the setting sun because of the 5700 K plus sunlight. This will be less bright for your subjects to keep their eyes open and allows for more pictures and time.

Be sure to check and see what time the sun rises and sets on the day of your Pensacola Florida beach portrait session. This time will change on a daily basis. So, you can’t plan your shoot time in May and expect it to be right in August.

Weather Issues That You Will Need to Consider On The Beach

There are several main weather concerns for every beach portrait photographer: wind, rain, and red tide. Here is how to deal with the wind most days. Find a way to pose your subjects so they’re facing into the wind. This will keep their hair from blowing in their face. Fly-away hair around the head can be easily dealt with in post shoot editing. Another alternative is to give your subjects action oriented poses such as walking along the beach. This helps conceal that the hair and wind.

Rain has the possibility to be a shoot stopper. You can’t shoot in the rain. But don’t give up too easily. Beach Pavilions are a good second choice. Even using the beach house balcony or back covered deck can be a shoot saver. Sometimes the most beautiful beach portraits occur right after a rain storm breaks and the sun comes out.

What’s The Best Clothing for Pensacola Beach Portraiture Sessions

Lots of beach portraits are shot with the subjects wearing white and khaki clothing. There is a reason for this: neutral earth tones work best. If you would like to incorporate some color try using blue, green, orange, or yellow solid colored clothing. Patterns don’t always look good on the beach.

Access to The Best Beach Portrait Locations

Will there be enough parking? The beach is a popular place to be! If you have elderly folks, or special needs individuals, will they be able to comfortably arrive at your beach shoot location? You don’t want to start your shoot with tired sweaty subjects.

A good Pensacola beach portrait photographers experience can go along way to avoid these issues and make your beach portrait session a lot of fun and give you lasting memories.

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